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weekly picks wednesday


Here are this week’s favorites… very excited to see some holiday themed shoots!  


A boy and his best friend captured by Meghanne in Emerald  

Creative use of blocks by Jodi in Rockingham  

Model maternity captured by Jennifer A. in Westfarms  

Happy autumn family captured by Van in Natick  

Christmas cutie captured by Sarah-Lynn in South Shore  

Batgirl captured by Marisa in Eastview  

Snugglebug captured by Kayte in Atrium  



Bundle up this weekend, it’s supposed to be super chilly!

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weekly picks wednesday

Here are the editor’s favorites from each studio in the past week!

Rarr! Darling dragon captured by Marie in Rockingham

Beautiful family captured by Steve in the Atrium

Princess in pearls captured by Meghanne in Emerald Square

Snowboard senior captured by Marisa in Eastview

Baby love captured by Ellen in South Shore

Snow & sis captured by Maddy in Westfarms

Mother & daughter captured by Lauren in Natick

Fall leaves, snowflakes, and blocks are just a few of the portrait accents we have available in the studios. Soon we’ll attempt to write a post about ALL of them, so stay tuned!


weekly PS picks

Upon the request of our facebook fans, we are starting the tradition of weekly favorites in each studio. Originally the idea was to pick one image, but in some cases there were multiple portraits from the same shoot that we just couldn’t leave out.

Introducing the blog editor’s weekly picks (selected from sessions between 10/2 and 10/9):

This lucky duck was captured by Kiera in Emerald…

King of the Forest captured by Sarah D in South Shore.

You can feel the love in these great shots by Saralyn in Rockingham!

Precious new baby captured by Laura in Eastview.

Doesn’t this Happy Meal remind you of those old snack bar ads at the drive-in? Captured by Sarah F in Warwick.

Sweetie! Captured by Thomas in the Atrium

The girls and the boys, captured by Jenn S. in Westfarms

This cutie must have been practicing his pirate face in the mirror! Captured by Aimee in Natick.

What is your family being for Halloween this year?



so cute it’s spooky

Happy October! We just added some more adorable Halloween cards to our selection. They’re on sale for $9.95 a sheet (or $8.95 for members) and like our other sheets, they are printed instantly. So if you’re coming in this month to take advantage of our October holiday card sale, bring the costumes in for a few shots! It makes for a fun photo shoot, and you’ll always have memories of what they were for Halloween this year.

Most of these are available in a horizontal format too. They come 8 on a sheet (they’re mini-cards, about 3.5″ tall) and we even provide fun-colored envelopes. How much would Grandma love to get one of these in the mail?

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Spooks of the week: Happy Halloween!

Today, I wanted to share some of the most adorable Halloween costumes captured recently at Portrait Simple studios across the region, in lieu of the usual “shoot of the week.” If you have a portrait session coming up, be sure & bring in your own costumes for a few shots!

by Jenna at the Natick Collection

by Thomas at the Atrium

by Amanda at South Shore Plaza

by Emily at the Natick Collection

by Sara F at the Natick Collection

by Kimberly at the Warwick Mall

by Crystal at the Atrium

by Krista at the Mall at Rockingham Park

by Aimee at the Mall at Rockingham Park