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weekly picks wednesday



Here are this week’s favorites… very excited to see some holiday themed shoots!  


A boy and his best friend captured by Meghanne in Emerald  

Creative use of blocks by Jodi in Rockingham  

Model maternity captured by Jennifer A. in Westfarms  

Happy autumn family captured by Van in Natick  

Christmas cutie captured by Sarah-Lynn in South Shore  

Batgirl captured by Marisa in Eastview  

Snugglebug captured by Kayte in Atrium  



Bundle up this weekend, it’s supposed to be super chilly!

16 thoughts on “weekly picks wednesday

  1. Soooo cute! Almost time for our holiday pictures with PORTRAIT SIMPLE!

  2. What a cute idea for Christmas (the baby with the Santa hat)! Most babies I know would either pull the hat off or be eating it (lol). Awesome pics :)

  3. I love that you do pic’s with animals. We go every year for Christmas pic’s with our dog and kids too! (Course!)

  4. Love the photos with dogs! We bring ours (and kids too) each year foe Christmas pics!

  5. Love Sarah Lynn in Braintree!! Portrait simple is the best!!

  6. Crazy that the holidays are right around the corner already!

  7. Great pictures. Love portrait simple!

  8. Can’t wait to do my holiday cards!

  9. Love the boy & his dog pictures! It’s so great that you guys work w/ families to capture those moments w/ our 4 legged ones!

  10. I love the baby in the bowl pic – we did that for my daughter last year and it still makes me laugh!

  11. Awesomeforth holidays would be special.

  12. Can’t wait to book my little mans time!

  13. Fabulous picks!

  14. LOVE Portrait Simple <3

  15. Looking forward to getting some holiday pictures of my boys soon. Love the weekly pictures…gives some great ideas.

  16. Great pics!

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