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so cute it’s spooky


Happy October! We just added some more adorable Halloween cards to our selection. They’re on sale for $9.95 a sheet (or $8.95 for members) and like our other sheets, they are printed instantly. So if you’re coming in this month to take advantage of our October holiday card sale, bring the costumes in for a few shots! It makes for a fun photo shoot, and you’ll always have memories of what they were for Halloween this year.

Most of these are available in a horizontal format too. They come 8 on a sheet (they’re mini-cards, about 3.5″ tall) and we even provide fun-colored envelopes. How much would Grandma love to get one of these in the mail?

4 thoughts on “so cute it’s spooky

  1. Great fun and loving families – South Shore Plaza fan

  2. Love these cards! Perfect for family and friends during these fun holidays!

  3. So cute~! My ladybug might have to come in for a visit!

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