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2018 Bring Your Own Prop Contest-Winners!

The winners have been chosen for this year’s Bring Your Own Prop Contest! Every June, we ask our families to bring in a prop from home to use in their portraits. We always love seeing what they come up with! Its a great way to personalize your portraits for a gift, or to document what your child is into at this point in their childhood. You don’t need to wait until next June to bring something in though–we are happy to photograph anything you bring in for us! We love the creative challenge!

First Prize Winner of a $250 Portrait Simple Gift Card: Liam from Woonsocket, RI


Second Prize Winner of a $100 Portrait Simple Gift Card: Avianna from Bridgeport, CT


Third Prize Winner of a $50 Portrait Simple Gift Card: Joseph from Newington, CT



Congrats to all our winners! Here are a few of our other favorite entries! Thanks to all that participated!

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Happy New Year!

With the holidays now behind us, we are looking forward to a great 2013 and lots of new, exciting things for everyone.

The first thing we are looking forward to is our LIVE BUNNIES!
Over the years, we have heard from many of our Portrait Simple families that coming into our studios for spring portraits with our bunnies has become a favorite tradition in many households. We have already been getting calls and emails asking when they would be arriving in our studios! Bunnies will be hopping in on Saturday, February 16th, 2013. Appointments with our favorite little friends fill quickly, so make sure your book yours soon. Its not too early!Easter2013

Last year we had a Bunny Naming Contest among all ten of our studio locations. The bunnies and their names were posted on our Facebook page and voted on by you! Stay tuned for this years bunnies and the creative names our photographers have come up with. Our studio in Westfarms, CT won last year with their Dr. Suess themed names!

WF Bunnies 2012

In the meantime, we have stocked our studios with fun and creative ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day to those you love. We have 20 designs for Valentine’s Day cards that are a great way to send a personal greeting to your children’s classmates, or grandparents! cardsamples

Need a little something more? This year we are also introducing our Sweetheart Collection, which includes everything you will need to spread the love this Valentines Day!


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Bring Your Own Prop Contest: Winners!

Earlier in the summer, we ran our first ever “bring your own prop” contest. Judging was tough… but the results are in!! We picked a finalist from each studio, and from those finalists a Grand Prize and Second Place Winner. Here are the 8 runner-up finalists, each winning $100:

NATICK: Yuliya A. ~ photographed by Amika

TRUMBULL: Joanna M. ~ photographed by Dysha

GARDEN STATE: Attallah B.~ photographed by Teresa

EASTVIEW: Maureen S. ~ photographed by Lauren

SOUTH SHORE: Evelyn M. ~ photographed by Sarah-Lynn

ROCKINGHAM: AnnMarie C. ~ photographed by Amanda

ATRIUM: Lori S. ~ photographed by Thomas

WARWICK: Chandra B. ~ photographed by Vanessa

(and recipient of a $500 prize):

EMERALD: Ashlie C.~ photographed by Sarah F

….and finally, the


WESTFARMS: Sara S. ~ photographed by Amanda D!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners, and thank you for all the amazing entries! So many great ones, we just had to share…

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Lots of winners and an atrium announcement!

First order of business–we got over 200 votes on our last blog post, for best Portrait Simple employee personal prop! There are lots of opinions out there but our winner by a landslide was….
Maddy from Westfarms!

Over 60 people picked this hilarious and genuine
peek into her personal life.. and everyone loves Maddy!
Congratulations to Team Wesfarms for taking home the prize.
We randomly selected 3 voters to win a free 8×10:
Congratulations to Donna B., Claire H., and Bianca G!
Please check your emails for your prizes.
We thank EVERYONE who voted and wish you luck in our 2012 Father’s Day Prop Contest!
And now for our big announcement:
Atrium is moving!
Don’t worry, we’re not going far. In mid-August, we are leaving the Atrium mall and taking a very short trip across the street to The Mall at Chestnut Hill! 
We’ll be right next to Papa Razzi on the upper level, just inside the north parking lot.
This means easier access to our studio!
To locate Chestnut Hill:
If you usually come via Route 9 Eastbound, just take the turnaround immediately following the Atrium and Chestnut Hill will be your first exit on the right. If you follow Route 9 West, Chestnut Hill will be on your right. Atrium is on the corner of Route 9 (Boylston St) and Florence Street. Chestnut Hill is slightly east on the opposite side of Route 9.
We are still taking appointments for August. Exact date of the move TBA!
Finally, we’d like to congratulate Amanda F. for winning our $200 Gift Card Giveaway at the Burlington Mall Baby Expo this past Sunday. We look forward to seeing you soon!


We need your vote!

It’s our turn to get in front of the camera!
Since employees are not allowed to enter the official father’s day prop contest, we decided to run a special contest just for our own photographers. We gave them until the end of May to bring in their own props: some stuck with the Father’s day theme, some brought in items that represent their own personal lives; some dressed up in costumes and some even brought in their loved ones. But we need YOUR help with awarding the prize!
All of these fantastic entries are shown below and labelled with the photographer pictured. Click on an image to view it larger, or start with the first and scroll through as a slideshow. To vote, leave a comment on this blog post naming your favorite. Be sure and leave your own information because we’re giving YOU a prize, too! Once the contest is closed, we’ll randomly select three voters and give them each a free 8×10.
Voting is open now through Wednesday at midnight (June 6 2012). May the best prop win!


Because Every Dad is a Hero

This year we decided to do something different for father’s day. In addition to offering these fabulous savings for Rewards Members, we wanted to encourage you to bring home a gift for the head of your household that’s both memorable and personal. We took inspiration from clients who have done it on their own in past portrait sessions: dress up like Daddy!

So from now until the end of June, we’re hosting our first annual Bring Your Own Prop Contest. We encourage you to make it about Dad — bring in his clothing, accessories, tools, or any other item personal to his life story. This is a great idea for Grandpa too! If you have something else in mind, it doesn’t have to be dad-related.. any personal item brought from home will do. Include it in your portrait session from now until the end of June and your favorite image will be entered to win a $1,000 cash prize. Now that’s a great Father’s Day gift!

The first week in July, a panel of judges will narrow down one winner for each of our 10 studios. From the 10 runners up, a Grand Prize and Second Place Winner will be selected. All ten will receive prizes: Grand Prize Winner gets $1,000, Second Place gets $500, and the 8 remaining runners up get $100.  Entry forms can be filled at your portrait session or ahead of time (download below). Don’t forget to call ahead for an appointment!
Bring your own Prop Entry Form 2012
Official Rules & Regulations
While you’re in the studio, check out samples of our adorable new Father’s Day cards. Printed on the spot with colorful envelopes included, these are sure to bring a smile to Dad’s face on his big day.

Click here to view pricing and browse all of our snazzy designs!


bunny video contest

Last week, we asked you to share our bunny video with your kids and submit their reactons on facebook. We decided to make a contest out of it, and we have finally voted on the 3 cutest/funniest responses — winners get a voucher for 6 free easter cards!! Here are all of the replies, with the winners at the end, mixed in with some of our favorite bunny portraits so far this year.

“My 13 month old called it a dog”
“Good…… I had my pictures with the bunny too….. Mommy whistle” – Maddie-almost 3yrs old

‎”‘hop hop’ and started jumping around like a bunny! My daughter is 2″
“That was weally cool! I love the doggies!” -Jude age 3

“Crazy , then asked if he could have one too!”
“My 2 year old daughter pointed to each one she wanted. And then when I asked her what she thought she said ‘hmm, that’s a silly bunny'”

“My 13 month old kept saying ‘oooo wow’ and then pointed to the pictures of him and his brother with the bunnies from last year.”
“While my daughter is watching the video she’s picking her nose, then uses a tissue. Didn’t say a word until the middle part and said ‘what about the poop, I don’t want them to poop and pee on me!’ Then cracked up at the end when the bunnies knocked down the blocks.”

“Megan said..’Mom when the bunny comes home with us where are you going to sleep…your bed is bigger than mine so he gets yours……'”
“Robert said..’wow that bunny must be really soft….you know mommy..like your hair before you made it that funny color….'”

“‎(we did our Easter shoot w the girls, plus the baby AND our new baby cousin so we decided the bunnies would be too much this year) so, ella just said -‘ But you said the bunnies were sick this year and no kids get to hold them?!?!’ :( Oops!”
“My son Ethan says ‘aaaawww that’s the cutest most fun video I’ve ever seen!!!!!’ age 11.”

“My daughter Elsey says ‘omg those bun buns are sssoooo adorable and cute!!!!! ‘ Age 8.”
“My 1 1/2 year old said, ‘Ooooooh wow! Oooooh….big… tasty….’ The thinks that they are the chocolate easter bunnies! Really, I do feed him! HaHa!”

“Kendall: ‘AAAAmazing, I wanna pat him.’ Me : ‘We’ll go in a few days’ Kendall: ‘When I wake up from my nap?’ Me: ‘No Kendall in a few days.’ Kendall: ‘Alright, alright.’ Can’t wait to come in Friday for some pics!”
“ZACH my 2 1/2 y/o said ‘look bunny'” and poked every bunny. then when the video ended he started crying and saying ‘video, video'”

“At first my three year old had her typical reaction to seeing something soft and cuddly. She said, ‘Oh, how sweet.’. Then, several minutes later she said, ‘I want to go to the rainbow.’ I said, ‘What do you mean? Where’s the rainbow?’ She replied, ‘Where the bunnies live.'”
“My 1.5 year old screeched and said ‘key’ which is 1.5yearold for ‘kitty or anything with four legs and fur.'”

~ And the three winners…. ~
“My 4 year old told my 7 week old ‘don’t worry, bunnies won’t bite your fingers because your fingers aren’t carrots'”
“After commenting on how cute the bunnies are: ‘Mommy, if I hold them they’re not going to poop on me right? Cuz, then, that would be sort of gross.'”
“LOL, our bunny session isn’t til April so I’m learning that we have to practice our animals soon! My 2-yr old son ‘Why is her sleeping on that doggy, him’s not a pillow.'”
Too cute!! For updates on our latest contest and giveaways, head over to our facebook page and “like” us. Check out our video and share the reaction of your little ones!