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Some Holiday Inspiration!

We love the holiday season! Not only is it our favorite time to bring out all the fun and creative props we have, but its a time we get to see all our families dress their best to impress! We love seeing the different outfits the kids come in–sometimes formal, sometimes casual, but always cute! Check out some of our favorite images from the past couple of weeks. Sometimes our props inspire the outfits, and sometimes the outfits inspire what prop (or no prop) we decide to use. We hope this jump starts you to start planning your outfits and holiday session! Call today!


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Tis the Season to be Jolly!

With Thanksgiving behind us, and Christmas a little over three weeks away, we are loving all the fun we are having with our holiday families. Here are just a few more images captured this season from all of our studios. We hope to see you soon! Appointments are filling fast and we don’t want you to miss your chance for your holiday photos!


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The Holidays are officially here at Portrait Simple!

We are so excited to officially be in the throws of another holiday season. While this is certainly our craziest time of year, its also the time of year that we get to see so many of our loyal clients–and meet so many new ones! With the opening of our new location in Burlington last month, we have been so busy capturing this years holiday memories. Here are just a few of our images shot so far! Give us a call now to set up your holiday portrait session!


2012 Holiday Props & Sets

With the official kick-off to the holiday season right around the corner (Veteran’s Day, to be exact) we thought we would share with you all the great things we have this year to accent your holiday portraits. Our selection this year is bigger and better than ever. Some are brand new, and some are tried and true and have remained your favorites throughout the years!
*please note: while we have all of these items in every location, the style and colors of each may vary!


Seasonal Colored Backgrounds
We change our colored backgrounds with the seasons, and for the holidays we opted for more neutral colors rather than the traditional reds and greens. Now you can have your images displayed all year long!


Santa Hats
This simple accent goes with any outfit and brings just the right amount of holiday spirit to your portraits.


Fireplace & Tree
A customer favorite over the years, these actual fireplaces and Christmas trees add a traditional touch to your holiday portraits.


Yet another customer favorite, using our ornaments to accent your holiday outfits looks great!


Holiday Gift Boxes
Similar to our ornaments, these are a fun and simple addition to your pictures.


Winter Apparel
Bundle Up! Our variety of winter hats, scarves, and mittens make your portraits feel extra warm and cozy.


New this year, we have made a template that digitally adds snow to your image. You can be in a winter wonderland without stepping outside!


Santa Beard
For our older subjects, this shaving cream Santa beard brings out some really great expressions. They think its hilarious!


Elf Hats
We have a variety of hand knit holiday hats for you to use. Paired with just a simple diaper cover, your child can become Santa’s Little Helper for the day!


This is another simple accent that has been a dependable favorite over the years. We can use them in a variety of ways, and they add a very classic touch to your portraits.


Fall Leaves
Not ready for snowflakes and winter hats? These fall leaves are a perfect way for you to hold onto that last bit of fall.


Footballs, etc
With the NFL season in full swing, we have stocked our studios with footballs, team jerseys, and our newest addition to our sports line-hand knit football hats and diaper covers!


Baby Stocking
There isn’t much cuter than wrapping your little bundle of joy in a stocking this holiday season!


Glitter Wall
Another one of our customer favorites, the glitter wall is perfect for any age!


Big Gift Boxes
Another new addition this year, these fun gift boxes are already shaping up to be a customer favorite!


Holiday Wreaths
We have a variety of holiday wreaths in our studios that can be used in many different ways. Perfect for framing little faces!


Hanukkah Props
We also stock our studios with dreidels, menorahs, and other simple items representative of the holiday. These items work perfectly with the variety of Hanukkah cards we offer!


Once the season kicks off, our studios book appointments quickly, so be sure to call your local studio to set up your holiday portraits soon! We look forward to seeing you!