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Live Bunnies and Other Spring Things


Since March can’t decide if it wants to bring us warm weather for Spring, or stay cold for Winter, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands and jump right into Spring ourselves!

Our bunny friends have been in the studios for a few weeks now, and all of our Springtime props, paints, and backgrounds are making their way through the doors as well.

Here are a few images from the past few weeks that bring warm and sunny feelings into our hearts. We hope you will join us soon for your Springtime session and say hello to our bunny friends as well!

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20 thoughts on “Live Bunnies and Other Spring Things

  1. We came in for our 1st picture with the bunnies a couple weeks ago! My 8 month old loved the bunnies and her expressions in the photos with them are priceless! Can’t wait to bring her back in again soon for another photo session!

  2. This was my son’s first year visiting the bunnies at Portrait Simple in Natick. He had a blast, and the photos are amazing. After this week’s snow storm is over, I cannot wait to schedule a sales appointment and order our photo package. Our friends and family are going to be blown away by the photos!

  3. We did the live bunny pictures last year and they could not have come out any cuter. We plan on doing them again this year.
    The bunnies seemed to be very well taken care of and the photographer was extra careful with my 8 month old around them.
    All in all it was a great experience.

  4. We do the bunny pictures every year! The kids love them.

  5. Can’t wait for our bunny pics. We come every year for Easter pics. It would be nice to get a free sheet this year!

  6. The bunnies are awesome! My kids love them.

  7. So excited to have some more awesome pictures taken! Happy we switched over to you guys. Can’t wait to snuggle those bunnies!

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  8. We can’t wait to make our appointment for our 4yo pictures! We have been to many places but you always do such a fantastic job and a free sheet would be very helpful

  9. We look forward to taking pics with the bunnies every year!

  10. Can’t wait to bring my son. This looks so cute. I love coming and taking pictures here. You guys take great pictures.

  11. The bunnies are so cute! Great photos guys! 😀

  12. All ready booked our session!

  13. So cute! We’re adding to our family later this year, I can’t wait to come visit and get some pictures.

  14. Love your bunny sessions and your staff

  15. We are so looking forward to our next session with for pictures with bunnies. Everyone is so excited

  16. I love when the bunnies come! This is my favorite photo shoot of you year. Hopefully I’Lloyd win so I can go even more crazy with these irresistible photos!

  17. Adorable pictures! Can’t wait to take my boys in.

  18. Loooove the bunnies!!

  19. Love bunny time! Will be making an appointment 🐰

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