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Springtime Traditions


One of our favorite things about having Portraits with Live Bunnies every year is seeing our loyal Portrait Simple families come in. For a lot of you, this is a springtime tradition that your kids look forward to every year. We love that! We love watching how the kids have grown and matured over the years, or how you add to your family with a new child. We hope that it can become a tradition for all the new families that have given us a try this year.

Here are some more of our favorite images from this season. If you haven’t booked your appointment yet, its not too late!!

5 thoughts on “Springtime Traditions

  1. This will be my 5 year olds 5th year with the portrait simple bunnies and my 18 month olds second time!! I’m always a little late but finally made our appointment for later this week!! Can’t wait!

  2. We love portrait simple, however we’ve never been in to see the bunnies… maybe time to start a new tradition 🤔

  3. We go every year to see the bunnies! My 4 yr old loves to see them. This yesr we brought our baby too! Loved the ” it’s a chick thing” picture!! Jen was so patient and accomodating it was a great experience!!!!

  4. New tradition this year! Can’t wait!!

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