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hats off to little boys!


This time of year, girls tend to soak up the spotlight with their flowers, tutus, and spring dresses. I wanted to give a shout-out to the fashionable BOYS of Portrait Simple, and their latest trend: the fedora!

This spring seems to be all about hats for little boys. We’re seeing fewer newsboy caps and a lot more straw hats, fedora-style.

Looks like everyone’s ready for the sun!

This little boy is all decked out for summer and SO hip! Hat & overalls can be found at Old Navy.

What a little heartbreaker! The bouquet was provided by Portrait Simple. The straw fedora with a thinner band can be found over at JCrew.

Want something funkier? Head over to H&M and grab some houndstooth fedoras for your rockstar. Add a pair of studded suspenders from Claire’s to complete the look!

BabyGap is doing it too, of course!

Too casual? Try something snazzier!

Not funky? Get folky with another straw hat by (you guessed it!) Gymboree.

Who do you think is more fun to dress: little girls or little boys?

31 thoughts on “hats off to little boys!

  1. I love the kids with the suspenders…super cute.

  2. Cute! Love the hats and suspenders!

  3. I just had my first session with my son at PS in Eastview mall over the weekend. I cannot stop looking at the pictures. They turned out amazing. It was a pleasent experience. The photographer got my 2 year old to smile…that is pretty amazing!

    Thank you!

  4. Love those boys !

  5. Love all your work!

  6. My son had the best easter shoot experience at our location in braintree, ma. Aggie was the best!

  7. What great photos…can’t wait to go back with my daughter. :)

  8. So cute! I love dressing my little boy!

  9. Great pics! Love all the hats!!

  10. I have been meaning to get my husband, son and myself into PS forever! These are adorable photos and may have been the push I needed!

  11. Precious!! Love portriat simple.

  12. It’s hard to choose I have one of both and I love to dress them both up!! The boys in these pics are just to darn cute!!! I’ll be in soon for pics of the kids, I’m overdue lol

  13. My son loves to wear hats. He looks adorable in scally caps!

    Kelly S


  14. Great pics!!

  15. I love Portrait Simple!

  16. Love love love portrait simple and the pics I had done of my little boy!!

  17. My son loves to wear hats. He looks adorable in scally caps!

    Kelly S

  18. Great pictures! Love the old school style!

  19. Love portrait simple the girls in north attleboro ma are amazing

  20. We love you guys!!

  21. Love these hats! ;-)

  22. Love your company!

  23. I get our clothes from Kohl’s. They are reasonbly priced and always have sale onkids clothes.But I d love hats on boys.

  24. I have two boys and often wish for a girl to dress in cute outfits, but am sure I will appreciate low maintenance boys come the teen years!

  25. I love portrait simple

  26. Girls!! They are more fun with using dresses and pants and they get to wear pink, my fave color!!!!

  27. Love these little guys. We have had such a great experience with Clark’s pictures!

  28. So cute! I see so many adorable boy clothes out there, of course, since I have two girls!

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