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Ready or not…


….here they come!

Here are some of our favorite bunny pictures so far this season. Can you handle the cuteness?

If you haven’t booked your bunny appointment yet, now’s the time to call! Next week is school vacation and we have the bunnies until April 30th. Here are the numbers to our participating locations, just so you (or your friends!) can have them handy:

Natick Collection


Westfarms Mall


Atrium Mall


Eastview Mall


The Mall at Rockingham Park


South Shore Plaza


Emerald Square Mall


2 thoughts on “Ready or not…

  1. Thank you for having shelby as one ofbthe fav bunnie pictures!!! She had so much fun!!!

  2. We had Meg at Emerald Mall and she was Excellent!!!!! Great with kids and silly too!! Just what my daughter needed!!!

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