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2014 Spring Props


Since we only use our bunnies for the last 5-10 minutes of your session, we wanted to provide some other fun springtime props to use while the bunnies are getting ready for their debut. Check out our updated variety of photo accents we have available this year!


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Note: these are not real baby chicks.

And of course, LIVE BUNNIES!


We are already so excited about the adorable images coming out of our studios. Check back throughout the season for more images featuring our springtime props and live bunnies. The next images could be of your kids!


Appointment times are really filling fast! Call to book yours today!!


42 thoughts on “2014 Spring Props

  1. I love all the pictures, can not wait to book my sons bunny pictures!

  2. I can’t believe how cute these pics are. I especially like the chicks!

  3. Cant’t wait for my little mans bunny pics to be done this weekend!!

  4. This is such an amazing promotion!!! Would love to have my son and daughter have these type of pictures done!

  5. We love the bunnies !!

  6. So. Cute! We’ve had our bunny pics taken before. Love!

  7. Can’t wait for my sons bunny pictures for the 4th year

  8. so cute – love the bunnies, but the props are super cute! One of my favorite pics of the year.

  9. Can’t wait to bring our kids to get their pictures with the bunnies! They loved it last year!

  10. Oooooh, loving all the new props! Have to book our Spring/Easter pictures!

  11. i love all the cute spring props! my favorite pictures to have taken ar my girls with the bunnies!

  12. Can’t wait for our session! The photos come out adorable every year!

  13. Glad the bunnies are back!

  14. Love the great pictures all 4 sons loved the bunnies I have twins that want to have a photo shoot with them now!!!! So excited the bunnies are back!!!!

  15. I love you guys!

  16. I really like the stick and carrot! Can’t wait for our appointment next month.

  17. Greatest place to make memories. My grandson already visited the West Farms locations this weekend! Bunnies and Chicks!

  18. best custom photo easter cards ever

  19. I have years worth of bunny pictures that I love! This is my favorite time for pictures – even better than Christmas!

  20. I love the bunnies! Can’t wait to get my daughter’s pictures taken next week

  21. Looking forward to our appt?

  22. I can wait to take my little one!

  23. Mason, again. had another great photo shoot! Thanks Jen. And The bunnies were adorable.

  24. The chicks are so cute!

  25. I had my daughters Christmas pictures done this year at the Warwick Mall store, they did an awesome job.

  26. Love the butterflies and the chicks!!! Can’t wait for our pics to be done!

  27. Can’t wait to get our pictures done! Going to make appointment tomorrow. Love all the new spring props!

  28. I love taking my daughters pictures with the bunnies. The are so cute.

  29. Love the bunnies, can’t wait to bring my son for his third year in a row!

  30. I love the diaper cover and hat with ears

  31. Can’t wait for our session in April!!

  32. I like the chicks and the bunny ears. Cute Pics.

  33. I brought a stick and carrot last year for my photos at the Braintree location! I have to say they did come out very cute! I love the butterfly idea! Looking forward to having my children’s Easter pictures done soon!

  34. Can’t wait for more family pics!

  35. Can’t wait for our appointment this weekend

  36. Love the cute pics and props! Looking forward to getting easter pics done!

  37. Cute! We look forward to these pics every year! :)

  38. Shared and liked! Can’t wait for my niece’s bunny photos.

  39. Very excited…we already have our appointment booked for next weekend.

  40. I love the bunnies!

  41. I cannot wait for our appointment in a few weeks! The boys always love getting their picture taken with a bunny!

  42. I love the bunny/spring pictures!!! My favorite :)

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