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Happy February!

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It’s the first of February and we can already feel the love (and chill) in the air! This is a great time of year to come in for portraits. We have more flexibility for appointment times and its a fun outing for the kids that doesn’t require lots of bundling up. Our studio’s are full of fun Valentine’s Day accents that would help create a lovely mid-winter surprise for all of your Valentine’s!


We are also offering a great holiday collection to make it nice and easy for you!

Give us a call to book your appointment today! We are excited to see you!

One thought on “Happy February!

  1. We had the best experience with CHARLIE @ The South Shore Plaza studio!
    Our goal was to try and get maybe 1 good shot of our children we brought for the photo shoot, and we left with an amazing assortment of natural shots as well as posed.
    Charlies eye for what would work to create each photo was perfect, as well as he had each child feel at ease, laughing right away to capture each individual personality. It was beyond what we thought was possible, for sure.

    We’ll be back again!
    Thank you!

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