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Featured Prop: (Fake) Baby Chicks


With Easter comes eggs, and with eggs comes baby chicks! This adorable prop is just the perfect amount of springtime. Pair it with a witty saying on one of our chalkboards and you have the perfect Spring photo! This is also perfect if you come in for bunny photos and your child isn’t too keen on the idea of posing with a REAL live animal.

This week is the last full week before Easter and we still have some appointments available! Its not too late to book your session today! See you soon!


35 thoughts on “Featured Prop: (Fake) Baby Chicks

  1. Going to the playground!! My boys 7 and 4 are done with this winter..I can’t wait for our six month old to feel the grass on her toes!!!

  2. Warmth!

  3. I am looking forward to opening the windows and letting the fresh air in! And also being able to go to the playground!

  4. I’m looking forward to planting, being outside, and the sun shining! Also being able to see lots of colors popping up around town!!

  5. We cannot wait for the snow to melt and playgrounds to be cleared so we can run!!

  6. Green grass!!!

  7. flowers!

  8. Grass!!!

  9. Looking forward to seeing my son in his adorable warm weather clothes!

  10. love the photos, and the chicks! I am most looking forward to flowers and buds on the trees- come on spring!

  11. Looking forward to my son’s adorable warm weather clothes!

  12. Looking forward to less illness, trips to the zoo, soccer season, and just plain getting out!!

  13. Looking forward to the melting snow to be gone and the ability to be outside in the sun. Bring on capris and short sleeves! :)

  14. Looking forward to seeing my son take his first steps on grass!

  15. Can’t wait for the snow to melt so we can run around outside.

  16. Looking forward to warm weather, New spring clothes, and playing in the backyard.

  17. Looking forward to sandals, cute spring outfits, beautiful scenery for pictures! Can’t wait to spend time outside…. Fresh air !!

  18. Looking forward to seeing grass! So sick of the snow!! Our poor hens are sick of being cooped up and need free range time!

  19. Cannot wait for spring to arrive for good!

  20. Looking forward to playing out in the yard with the kiddos!!

  21. Looking forward to being outside with kids playing baseball & riding bikes & warmer weather!!!

  22. We are looking forward to warmer weather where a 5 year old boy can play outside and burn off lots of energy!

  23. Looking foward to warm weather and my daughters birthday!!!! We can finally takes walks and play outside :)

  24. I’m most looking forward to warmer weather, more time outdoors and Sunday picnics with the family!

  25. Can’t wait to get out and play in the yard! Love the new chick, very cute!

  26. I am most looking forward to flowers.

  27. Looking forward to playing outside with my kids.

  28. I’m looking to bring my infant son to the park so that he can enjoy being pushed on the swing for the very 1st time!!!

  29. Looking forward to playing outside.

  30. We are really looking forward to seeing our beautiful flowers again💐🌸🌷

  31. I am most looking forward to playing outside with my daughter! She’s had some cabin fever this winter. And I’m ready for my son to be in the nice weather.

  32. Looking forward to warmer weather!!

  33. I am looking forward to warmer weather! My children are itching to play for hours on end outside and I would love to join them.

  34. I’m most looking forward to playing outside with the kids (and short sleeves)!!!

  35. Most looking forward to taking walks and enjoying outside things like flowers and playing with my daughter at the park.

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