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Featured Prop: Carrot on a Stick


What better way to catch a bunny, than with a carrot? The bunnies are here and ready to meet your family!

This adorable prop is super cute and great if your child wants to interact with the bunny but doesn’t want to get too close! Book your appointment today and ask your photographer to use this great prop in your session!


23 thoughts on “Featured Prop: Carrot on a Stick

  1. Awesome! Excited for bunnies again this year!

  2. I love the carrot! Bunny pictures have become a tradition for us!!! Talented staff!

  3. Love it! Too adorable! Your pictures always come out so fantastic! 🐰🐇

  4. This prop is great! We are having pictures tomorrow and I’m sure our 2 1/2 year old and 9 month old will love it along with the bunnies!

  5. This prop is great! We are having pictures tomorrow and I’m sure our 2 1/2 year old and 9 month old will love it along with the bunnies!

  6. Great idea! Portrait Simple has the best props!

  7. This is adorable! The bunnies cooperate better than my kids during photo sessions :)

  8. Absolutely adorable idea!

  9. I can’t wait to bring my kids next Friday!!

  10. I love this idea! It is so cute. It’s a great way to get the kids to take candid photos as well

  11. Love the carrot on the stick, great way for skiddish kids to interact with the bunnies!

  12. I cannot wait! I hope I do not have a bad “hare” day!

  13. I love this idea!! So Adorable! Makes pictures .. Picture perfect :)

  14. We are looking forward to our pictures with the bunny!

  15. Love this! Can’t wait to schedule our bunny pics!

  16. So cute! Can’t wait for our photo session this weekend!

  17. LOVE the carrot on a stick! Can’t wait.

  18. What a cute idea!

  19. love the live bunnies in a basket!

  20. I love the carrot. Super cute!

  21. Super adorable! Can’t wait to do our bunny pics this weekend.

  22. This prop is very cute and would have come in handy a few years ago because my younger son refused to touch or go near the bunny! We faked him out by putting a treat behind the bunny who was sitting in a basket. The photographer took a quick shot when he reached for his treat and we have a picture that appears like he is petting the bunny! We love our pictures with the bunnies.

  23. Such cuteness! My girls look forward to “bunny pictures” each year. I get Real, Genuine smiles from these pictures each and every session! So fun.

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