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Pet Month!


Starting TOMORROW:

Typically we restrict pet appointments to specific times of day, but this month we welcome pets during all hours of the day! So bring your whole family–paws, claws and all–to make some portrait memories.

We believe ALL companion animals deserve a chance at living a full life with a loving family. That’s why in addition to running the “Bring a Pet” promotion, Portrait Simple is supporting local rescue shelters in three ways:

1. Adopt a pet from a participating shelter, get a portrait session and six sheets FREE (a $135 value)!

2. Donate $5 or more to a select local shelter, get a FREE 5×7

3. Visit one of our studios when we host an adoptable pet Meet & Greet and/or Adoption Awareness Night! Currently we have the following events on the roster:

Are you a volunteer or organizer for a local rescue organization? Contact paulette@portraitsimple.com to become added to our participating shelter list!

Not a volunteer, but want to help out anyway? Help spread the word with one of these e-flyers (the perfect size to share on facebook):

Our current list of shelters participating in our FREE PORTRAIT GIFT for August Adoptions:

Broken Tail Rescue
Worcester, MA

Buddy Dog Humane Society
Sudbury, MA

MSPCA at Nevins Farm
Methuen, MA

Richard A. Stein Animal Shelter
Canton, MA

Norfolk County Humane Society
Norfolk, MA

Quincy Animal Shelter
Quincy, MA

Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter
Attleboro, MA

Providence Animal Rescue League
Providence, RI

The Simon Foundation

Bloomfield, CT

Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS)
Bethel, CT

Secaucus Animal Shelter
Secaucus, NJ

Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets  (GRASP)
Rochester, NY

We hope to see lots of wagging tails this month!

14 thoughts on “Pet Month!

  1. Love you PS!!!!

  2. My mom and I were just discussing getting a portrait of our cat done. She’s getting up there and we don’t know how much longer she’ll be with us, We would love to capture her beauty to remember her forever.

  3. I hope that someone would always adopt rather than purchasing from a pet store.
    Great Job Portrait Simple for this great offer!

  4. Yey! I agree…what a great initiative.

  5. I will be there, I can’t adopt I already have two rescued angels but I’ll buy anything that redirect proceeds to the shelters!

  6. U guys r awsome! I love taking my kids there :)

  7. It’s beautiful to support and encourage pet rescues. Thank you for this kindness!!

  8. kids and pets, it doesn’t get much better than that!!! I am not sure who seems to have the best smiles the adorable children or those pets, who we all know we can see and feel their smiles!

  9. nice! we are getting a kitten soon!

  10. Oooh, I would LOVE a photo session with our dog Lucky. Lucky himself is a rescue dog and a huge member of our family <3

  11. We came with our dogs in July and just might come back again in August! Jessica in Westfarms is FANTASTIC!

  12. I love that you listed places to adopt a pet in need of a home. What a wonderful thing to do, such a great initiative!

  13. cannot wait to bring in our 3 month old puppy and our 2 kids…this could get interesting!!!

  14. We are really looking forward to bringing in our bichon for a family picture. What a wonderful promotion!!! Thanks, Portrait Simple!

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