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Bring Your Own Prop Contest: Winners!

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Earlier in the summer, we ran our first ever “bring your own prop” contest. Judging was tough… but the results are in!! We picked a finalist from each studio, and from those finalists a Grand Prize and Second Place Winner. Here are the 8 runner-up finalists, each winning $100:

NATICK: Yuliya A. ~ photographed by Amika

TRUMBULL: Joanna M. ~ photographed by Dysha

GARDEN STATE: Attallah B.~ photographed by Teresa

EASTVIEW: Maureen S. ~ photographed by Lauren

SOUTH SHORE: Evelyn M. ~ photographed by Sarah-Lynn

ROCKINGHAM: AnnMarie C. ~ photographed by Amanda

ATRIUM: Lori S. ~ photographed by Thomas

WARWICK: Chandra B. ~ photographed by Vanessa

(and recipient of a $500 prize):

EMERALD: Ashlie C.~ photographed by Sarah F

….and finally, the


WESTFARMS: Sara S. ~ photographed by Amanda D!

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners, and thank you for all the amazing entries! So many great ones, we just had to share…

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