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We need your vote!


It’s our turn to get in front of the camera!
Since employees are not allowed to enter the official father’s day prop contest, we decided to run a special contest just for our own photographers. We gave them until the end of May to bring in their own props: some stuck with the Father’s day theme, some brought in items that represent their own personal lives; some dressed up in costumes and some even brought in their loved ones. But we need YOUR help with awarding the prize!
All of these fantastic entries are shown below and labelled with the photographer pictured. Click on an image to view it larger, or start with the first and scroll through as a slideshow. To vote, leave a comment on this blog post naming your favorite. Be sure and leave your own information because we’re giving YOU a prize, too! Once the contest is closed, we’ll randomly select three voters and give them each a free 8×10.
Voting is open now through Wednesday at midnight (June 6 2012). May the best prop win!

273 thoughts on “We need your vote!

  1. Caroline from South Shore

  2. Van from Natick with his cat!

  3. Even though voting is over, I still say Maddie from Westfarms!! Cool.

  4. I love maddie frim westfarms pic..very creative..lol

  5. I vote maddie from westfarms..love it!!!

  6. Elizabeth from Garden State…so sweet.

  7. My vote is for Aggie – South Shore!

  8. Aggie from Southshore

  9. Mark from Garden State!

  10. I LOVE Keira’s from Emerald Square!!! Very sentimental!!!

  11. I like the photo by: Aggie from South Shore

  12. I have to vote for Maddy @ Westfarms

  13. I vote For My Maddy @ Westffarms

  14. Lyndsay from emerald.

  15. I vote For Maddy ! LOL Handel that ! Nice Pic

  16. I vote for Maddy at Westfarms. SHE TAKES MY KIDS PIC AND IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN TAKE THEM . lol

  17. my vote is for Maddy westfarms That is 2 Funny !!

  18. Amika from Natick!

  19. Maddy from Westfarms

  20. Aggie from South Shore gets my vote…lurve you!

  21. I love so many of these! But I have to stick with my studio and vote for Amanda in Rockingham :).

  22. I vote for Juliet in Garden State. Her son is adorable and I love the cowboy theme!

  23. Aggie from South SHore!!!!

  24. Maddy from west farms it’s funny!

  25. Aggie from ss

  26. Amanda from Rockingham…who doesn’t like a picture of shoes? :)

  27. A picture is worth a thousand words…….this one tells a simple story. I vote for Amanda from Emerald Square!!

  28. Sarah from South Shore

  29. Mark from Garden State

  30. Mark from Garden State!

  31. Mark from Garden State

  32. Thomas from Atrium. Clear win.

  33. My vote is for Maddy @ Westfarms, made me laugh.

  34. Sarah Lynn from South Shore! <3

  35. I vote for Ellen, LOVE that shot.

  36. Amanda from Emerald Square

  37. Amanda from emerald square

  38. Ellen from SSP! Great shot, I know I should vote for some of my good friends, or a photo I actually took, but I cant! Ellen’s is my JAM! “Props” (eheh get it ha) to the 4×5 too, thats just heavy old school flare son!

  39. Thomas from Atrium is disgusting. I vote for him.

  40. I Vote For Maddy at West Farms Love U Titi !!!

  41. Maddy from westfarms

  42. Maddy from westfarms

  43. I love for Maddy at westfarms!!!!

  44. Maddy from westfarms

  45. Amanda from Rockingham! Great job!

  46. Amanda from Emerald Square is the best. I vote for her…please everyone else do the same…She is awesome…..

    Donna B

  47. I vote Fro Maddy @ Westfarms

  48. I Vote For Maddy At Westfarms


  50. I vote for MARK @ Garden State

  51. I vote Sarah Lynn from South Shore!

  52. I vote for Amanda from Emerald Square

  53. My vote is for Amanda from Emerald Square!!!!

  54. Sarah D from South Shore Plaza and her lovely props :)

  55. Amanda from Emerald Square gets my vote!

  56. I vote for Marie from Rockingham!

  57. Sarah from South Shore!

  58. Sarah from South Shore!

  59. A vote for Amanda from Emerald Square Mall

    Ann Marie

  60. I vote for SarahLynn from the South Shore

  61. Sarah Lynn from South Shore, so sweet!

  62. I vote for Amanda from Emerald Square
    a beautiful pic . Excellent work

  63. I vote for Sarah from South Shore…and her puppies!

  64. I vote for Amanda at Emerald Square Mall!!!!!!

  65. I vote Maddy from Westfarms!!!! Awesome pic Maddy!!!

  66. Tam from south shore!

  67. Amanda from Emerald Square

  68. Crystal from Atrium!!!!

  69. Juliet from Garden state

  70. Saralyn from Rockingham!

  71. I vote for Maddy I think she’s awesome.Love that pic.

  72. Aggie from South Shore

  73. I vote for Amanda from Emerald Square Mall

  74. Amanda from Emerald Square – Thanks to her Dad’s years of service in the Navy.

  75. Marie from rockingham!! Nothing beats a whovian!

  76. I vote for Cassie and Sadie the Batdog from South Shore! Who wouldn’t want a Batdog?

  77. Caroline from South Shore and her red knitted monstah!

  78. Caroline from South shore because she’s beautiful!!!

  79. Sarah from South Shore !!! By far the BEST!!!!

  80. I Vote 4 Maddy @ Westfarms

  81. My vote Is For MADDY @ Westfarms

  82. I vote For Maddy at westfarms

  83. Maddy at westfarms

  84. I vote for Maddy at Westfarms

  85. I vote for Caroline from the South Shore

  86. I vote for Maddy from Westfarms

  87. mark from garden state plaza

  88. Maddy from Westfarms! Very creative & cute baby

  89. I vote Sarah from South Shore…..Did the dogs pick out their own clothes??

  90. Mark from Garden State!

  91. Sarah from South Shore!

  92. I vote Teresa from Garden State!!!

  93. Teresa from garden state beautiful

  94. aggie at south shore!!

  95. I choose Maddy from Westfarms. There are alot of good pics but this one is the Best!!!

  96. Saralyn from Rockingham

  97. Juliet from garden state. Her son is too cute!

  98. i vote for maddy from westfarms
    :) the dog and baby was a great combo for the pic

  99. van from natick!

  100. 1 vote for maddy from westfarms please

  101. Vote for Maddy from Westfarms

  102. i vote for maddy from westfarms

  103. Maddy From Westfarms has my vote.!!


  105. i vote for maddy from westfarm

  106. maddy from westfarms picture is very cute and funny

  107. maddy from westfarms has my vote

  108. i want maddy from westfarms to win. Please and Thank You!! :)

  109. Maddy from Westfarms is the best one!!!!!

  110. Maddy from westfarms has to win!!!!!

  111. Tam from southshore all the way!

  112. I vote for Madeline, dog and Grandson

  113. Maddy from westfarms

  114. I vote for Saralyn from Rockingham!

  115. maddy from west farms…GO MADDY!!!

  116. Saralyn from rockingham

  117. I vote for Sarah Lynn from South Shore!

  118. Caroline from South Shore rocks my world!

  119. Marie from Rockingham awesome Tardis!!!

  120. Saralyn from Rockingham :)

  121. Oooh, Caroline from South Shore. Love the red, red, red…

  122. Sarah from South Shore

  123. I choose Mark from Garden State!

  124. Love Mark’s from garden state! Love, LOVE, LOVE

  125. Saralyn from Rockingham totally

  126. I vote for Maddy,the baby boy and dog from Westfarms.

  127. Saralyn from Rockingham

  128. sarah from south shore!!!!!

  129. Saralyn from Rockingham….she’s bootyful.. :-)

  130. Crystal from Atrium, hands down! An artist!!

  131. Aggie from South Shore! Très chic!

  132. Caroline from the South Shore – she even makes knitting look cool!!

  133. Mark from Garden State; He’s HOT!

  134. I’m gonna go with Van and his cat.

  135. Van from Natick!

  136. Aggie From South Shore!

  137. Sarah from South Shore!!

  138. I vote for Marie from Rockingham. TARDIS!!!

  139. Van from Natick (and his cat) is the best

  140. Caroline from South Shore

  141. Caroline from South Shore! Holla!

  142. Vote for Juliet And her Son from Garden State! He does look like a rough and tough lil’ cowboy!I

  143. My vote is for Sarah from South Shore. Sarah by far is a natural !!!

  144. Sarah D from SSP!

  145. It has to be Caroline from South Shore!

  146. Definately Crystal from Atrium. Funny, funny, funny!

  147. Marky mark from garden state!!! ;)

  148. I wote for Marie from Rockingham!

  149. Definitely Mark from Garden State!!!!!

  150. Mark From Garden State

  151. MARK!!! All the way!

  152. Marie from rockingham!

  153. Jessica from Emerald is my pick…YUMMMM!

  154. I vote for Sarah from the South Shore – great pictures

  155. Sarah from South Shore!! Super cute!!

  156. My vote is for Sarah from South Shore! Adorable!

  157. Mark from garden state

  158. maddy from westfarms. best pic out of all

  159. Sarah, South Shore… what a cute contest!!! They are all really great!

  160. maddy from westfarmss

  161. Maddy from Westfarms. :)

  162. Voting for Maddy from Westfarms.! Because that baby is oh so cute!

  163. Maddy from Westfarms.!!! The best.

  164. Sarah from South Shore!

  165. voting for Maddy from Westfarms.!

  166. Im voting for Maddy from Westfarms

  167. I vote for Sarah from the South Shore!

  168. Maddy from Westfarms.!!


  170. Voting for Marie from Rockingham!

  171. Maddy from Westfarms!!

  172. Maddy and Baby from Westfarms.

  173. Maddy from Westfarms Pleaseee.!!!!

  174. maddy from westfarms.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Maddy from westfarms.!!!!!!!!

  176. Maddy from Westfarms. :)

  177. Maddy from Westfarms. Awesome Pic!!!!

  178. I should vote for Crystal, because I took the photo ( & because she is my boss…) but I’m voting for Teresa from Garden State & the Keffiyeh !في تضامُن

  179. Maddy from Westfarms. i love portrait simple in westfarms

  180. Voting for Maddy from Westfarm

  181. Tam from South Shore!!!

  182. Maddy and Baby Jordan From Westfarms.!!

  183. Maddy from Westfarms hands down!!!!!

  184. i vote for maddy from westfarms. Too cute and creative!!

  185. Crystal from Atrium

  186. Elizabeth from garden state plaza- beautiful

  187. I vote for Juliet from Garden State Plaza- her son is adorable. serious face tops it off :)

  188. Juliet from Garden State Plaza!!!

  189. Tam from South Shore, please!

  190. Voting for Juliet son from garden state plaza

  191. Tam from South Shore !!!

  192. Marie from Rockingham!

  193. I’m voting for Marie from Rockingham.

  194. SarahLynn from South Shore, so fun!

  195. I vote for julite from garden state

  196. i am voting for juiet from garden state (her son)

  197. I vote for Juliet from Garden State! – too cute!

  198. My vote is for Mark from The Garden State… doesn’t need a facial expression, doesn’t need words. Just the love for one’s country & the unison brought forward from it. Very deep.

  199. Vote vote vote for Mark from the Garden State!

  200. Mark from Garden State!!!!!!!

  201. My vote goes to Mark from the Garden State. LOVE IT!

  202. Mark from Garden State – GOOD LUCK!

  203. Mark from Garden State

  204. I am voting for Elizabeth from Garden State :)

  205. “Sarah from South Shore” gets my vote!
    That’s the best dressed, rainy-day trio, ever. How did she get her cat to cooperate? Love it!

  206. I vote for Sarah of South Shore

  207. Crystal from Atrium

  208. Sarah of South Shore gets my vote!

  209. Sarah from the south shore!

  210. Crystal from atrium!!

  211. Crystal of Atrium

  212. Dang, Thomas’ photo is as FRESH as his BREATH!!! Got my vote.

  213. I vote for Sarah from South Shore!

  214. I vote for Sarah from South Shore…way to go Sarah!

  215. Sarah Lynn @ South Shore, baby! Love it.

  216. Amanda from Rockingham!

  217. Cassie and Sadie. Nah nah nuh nuh nuh nuh, Batdog!

  218. Sarah from South Shore

  219. SarahLynn from South Shore Rocks!

  220. Kiera Emerald squarw

  221. Amanda from Rockingham!!!! Love it!!!

  222. Crystal from Atrium of course!

  223. Oh no! No one will ever want pictures from me again! Oh well, I VOTE FOR STEVE FROM ATRIUM!

  224. Definitely Amanda from Rockingham……….she rocks!!

  225. Crystal from Atrium

  226. Funny AND good looking? Crystal from Atrium, hands down.

  227. Ellen from south shore. Very creative!!

  228. Kiera from Emerald Square :)

  229. Have to go with Jessica from Emerald Square! Yum!

  230. Crystal from Atrium! She rocks!!!

  231. Crystal from Atrium

  232. I vote for Amanda from Rockingham, very creative!

  233. Crystal from Atrium! Love that creative goofball.

  234. Sara from the South Shore!

  235. Amanda from Rockingham … A gals gotta have her shoes !

  236. Sarah Lynn!!!!! From south shore!

  237. aggie @ South Shore

  238. Aimee and Sarah Lynn have my favorite props


  240. I vote for Sarah Delory’s photo – South Shore Plaza

  241. Amanda from Rockingham! Shes the bomb!

  242. Sarah Lynn from south shore! Cute and un!

  243. SARAH LYNN FROM SOUTH SHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!! Brings back childhood memories!

  244. I like Kiera’s from Emerald Square. Very sweet!

  245. I vote for Sarah from the south shore store! Her picture is the best!

  246. Mark from garden state!! :)

  247. Cassie and Batdog. How can you not vote for Batdog?

  248. Cassie Woodard (& Sadie the bat dog) love her energy!

  249. Mark from garden state!

  250. I vote for Sarah from South Shore Plaza

  251. Love Ellen from South Shore!

  252. I vote for Cassie and the Batdog!!!! Cassie is the awesomesauce, and the best photographer I’ve ever worked with!!!!

  253. Trophy from natick ameka, or the shoes from amanda

  254. I vote for Sarah Lynn!!!! She is so playful and fun, her prop suits her personality perfectly! She is the best photographer we’ve ever used!!

  255. I vote for Mark — it encompasses the pride & love in ones country. Very simple, very original, very beautiful. Absolutely love.

  256. I vote for Sarah Lynn from south shore plaza- she is fantastic!!

  257. Sara lyn from south shore

  258. I love Jessie from West Farms. They are too cute

  259. Brent from Natick! Where’s Eastview?

  260. I love Amika from Natick’s picture. There is so much emotion in that photograph. You could truly see her passion captured in that image.

  261. I absolutely love Jessie’s from West Farms, especially since my brother-in-law is in the military and West Farms always take the best pics and they are so friendly and accommodating.

  262. Amika from Natick!! Love the pose, the prop. It’s a story in a picture.

  263. I vote for Kiera’s photo — very original! :)

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