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weekly picks wednesday


As you know, we’ve been selecting our favorite released images taken each week and sharing them with you here. The busier we get, the harder it is to pick just a few great images in each studio! Please excuse the number of images; we hope it’s worth the load time :)

Brand new baby captured by Dawn at Eastview

Who would think of shorts for holiday pictures? But these came out ADORABLE! Cute little trend-setters captured by Cassie in South Shore

Brother, sister, and best friend captured by Tess at the Atrium

Holiday spirit captured by Sara Z at Westfarms

Raining presents captured by Vanessa in Warwick

Silly sisters captured by Samantha in Natick

Happy family captured by Jaime in Trumbull

A princess and her puppy captured by Dawn at Eastview

Pretty in pink captured by Jessica at Emerald Square

Love birds captured by Thomas at the Atrium

Ho ho ho! Captured by Rebecca at Rockingham

Elf baby captured by Meghanne at Emerald (hat provided by Portrait Simple)
It’s not too late for holiday cards! Orders arrive in-home about 7 business days after you order them (sometimes quicker, depending on what day of the week the cards are ordered). If you haven’t made your appointment, call tonight!

33 thoughts on “weekly picks wednesday

  1. We recently had our Christmas pictures done with my 2 year old son…..they turned out great. I am just waiting for the Christmas cards to arrive in the mail before I send them out !

  2. We love the folks at Natick – they always make our daughter look like a star! These are great pics and super ideas for our next shoot!

  3. the photographers make everyone look like models! Love the pictures. I have a picture taken last month at Portrait Simple and everyone keeps asking me if I’m starting a portfolio for my daughter to become a model.

  4. Can’t wait for the holiday cards from our shoot with Jamie Heaverly in Trumbull!! She is the best and always soooo much fun. The grandparents love the pictures and wants them as holiday gifts :)

  5. Appointment booked for next week! Always the best pictures for our Christmas cards!!!

  6. I don’t know what we’d do without you, Portrait Simple! Such cute photos, as always.

  7. These pics are so nice! Hope ours turn out that way this weekend! :)

  8. The “LOVE” picture is beautiful. I can see that hanging in their home for years to come.

  9. Beautiful pictures… as usual! Looking forward to our appointment on Sunday! :)

  10. Love this weeks pics – seeing these get us excited for our next sitting!

  11. We love portrait simple. Awesome pictures!

  12. Love all the pictures !!! The elf baby with the hat is the best !!! I recently had a sitting and got great christmas cards I sent out yesterday !!!

  13. Love the glitter wall and the baby dressed in the santa hat! you guys have the best holiday cards!

  14. I <3 Portrait Simple!!! Pics always look amazing not to mention my Christmas cards came in less than one week. They look perfect

  15. Awesome pictures of my kids! Thanks!!

  16. I love the engagement photos, they came out awesome! I especially like the one with the LOVE sign… wouldn’t be one that I would send out (no faces,) but definitely one that I would frame for myself.

  17. I absolutely LOVE Portrait Simple! All of our pictures are gorgeous. People are always asking me where i have my kids pictures taken and i refer people all the time! Keep up the good work :)

  18. Seeing all these beautiful pics are making it hard for me to wait for my session on Monday with my two kids. Can’t wait! Portrait simple is the best!!

  19. We love portrait simple, our Christmas cards came out beautifully!

  20. Great pics. One girl is wearing the same dress my two year old will be wearing on Saturday for her pics. I love looking at all the pics this time of year. How can they not bring a smile to your face?

  21. Such great pictures! I hope my daughter’s holiday pictures come out as great as those!!

  22. We’re getting our annual Christmas pictures done Friday! A free 8×10 would be a lovely early present!

  23. What beautiful pictures! Love the picture of the girls in the shorts, such fashionistas! And I LOVE the hat from portrait simple on the baby, I want one for my son!!
    Had my son and daughters pictures taken at portrait simple back in October and Jenn could not have done a better job connecting and capturing my daughters personality!

  24. Love the elf baby photos. So adorable, that would light up any room!

  25. I love your work especially the squishy babies too cute

  26. You guys caught the sparkle in my daughters eyes in every pic. I just love it.

  27. Cute pics! Love the elf hat :)

  28. I was so disapointed when my Christmas appointment wasn’t in the room with the red glitter wall…its so pretty!

  29. Love the elf baby and the red glitter wall background in some of the pictures! getting my kids’ pictures done Saturday at Westfarms…..can’t wait to see them!

  30. Love the pictures, as usual!

  31. Love that picture of family of 4 with 2 boys!

  32. Beautiful pictures as usual!!! Sent by the portrait simple fb page! :)

  33. A great family shot and some really cute Christmas kids! I’m working on sending out my Portrait Simple Christmas cards right this minute!

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