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our first ever pet month!


Next week we begin a very exciting FIRST EVER promotion: Portrait Simple Pet Month!! During the entire month of August, we are expanding our available pet appointment times to include ALL DAY every day, with the exception of Saturday mornings. Rewards Members get 25% off their entire purchase as long as they bring a pet. What kind of pet? Anything you can fit through the door!

Be sure and call soon to book an appointment for your four-legged friend!

16 thoughts on “our first ever pet month!

  1. This is a wonderful idea! I recently hired a photographer to come to me, so that I could get a “family portrait.” Our golden retriever is part of the family, and i think he should be included in the pictures! This is pretty good timing for Christmas cards – will you have some of those props available?

  2. Cutie pie pictures :)

  3. My horse can fit through the door..

  4. Thanks for a great experience today! The girls had a great time and I love the pictures!

  5. That’s a great idea. It makes me wish I has pet that would sit still and not hop all around. :)

  6. I am always late for these contests, but I can’t wait to come in with our son and dog!

  7. Adelyn had a great time at Portrait Simple when we brought Ollie in (our 95 pound Newfoundland Mix)!

  8. Awesome!

  9. Love it! Great work and pictures.

  10. Super idea!

  11. Love the pics! Adorable!!!

  12. Awsome idea!!!

  13. Can we have the kids in the photo with our pets? I hope so because my daughter LOVES her ‘puppy’ (my mastiff)

  14. I think its great!

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