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Warwick Mall Floods

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***UPDATE: We have officially opened our new location at the Emerald Square Mall! For more info, visit our main homepage.***

Yesterday morning, we were evacuated from our studio the Warwick Mall. Our photographers could not move their cars, which are now completely submerged underwater. Residents in the area were also evacuated, and a security guard was trapped in the mall this morning. He had to be rescued by boat.

Needless to say, our Warwick studio will be closed until further notice. We apologize to those who had Easter appointments and we will be calling everyone as soon as we get more information. As of now, the Warwick Mall has not released a statement on when it will re-open. We have not been able to get inside the mall to assess the damage, so we can’t yet tell how long before we’ll be able to repair and re-open the studio.

Here’s a link to video footage taken by helicopter:

Uncut: Flood Swamps Mall

And a few more videos taken sometime between yesterday morning and now:

We hope that everyone in the area stays safe and dry during this challenging time.

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