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• the things they say


You hear from our customers all the time… but what about the things their kids say? We’ve been archiving some of our funniest quotes by children, and I thought I would share some with you today. They make me smile every time!

“..200 years ago.. when the dinosaurs and pirates were alive.”

“These snowflakes are made of little bits of Christmas!”

We keep a drawer full of lollipops as a reward for the kids after they get their pictures taken. Whenever they see the drawer open, they are in awe. Here are a few reactions:

“It’s Lollipop City!”

“It’s like a garden of lollipops!”

Photographer (to toddler): “What pretty curls you have!”
Toddler’s 4 year old brother: “Yeah, her hair is curly because she pulls it.”
Photographer: “That’s how her hair got curly? From pulling it?”
Boy: “Yup, and I don’t like pulling my hair. That’s why it’s straight!”

A four year old girl was looking at a picture of herself and her brother looking at each other. She said, very dramatically, “It’s like we’re lost in each other’s eyes.”

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3 thoughts on “• the things they say

  1. At Thanksgiving my 5 year old neice told me she was in a play, and her role was a Pilgrim. “Auntie, the Pilgrims traveled on a big Boat almost 20 days to come here and meet the “Name-Of” Americans.”

  2. “Mommy, you have super long hair you must be a super hero”!

  3. “Mommy, I’m 4 today!!! And 4 year olds can watch inappropriate things.. like Ghostbusters.”

    -my friend’s little boy

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